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Chas Winckel 02/29/2016The Lie of “Just one Vote”

Does your vote count? Can you make a difference? Can you influence the coming election? What have YOU done about our country’s current situation? What do you brag about in your life?

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How can we establish limits for ourselves and others? Is there an age when we quit being reckless? How do you reestablish order after you lose it? What..How...Why...

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Does the "new normal" mean I have to accept everything you want? Can we change the direction that Politics, Religion or Race Relations are going? Have we lost Hope for America?

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Are you out of Work? How long is acceptable to be out of work? Where can you go when you need emotional support? What is the number 1 thing to do when out of work?

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Should we build a wall? Do you know how many immigrants come into US every year? Should we stop or plan for immigration? What is the History of Immigration?

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How many non-profits are out there? What are the purposes to have non-profit status? Pure Religion is this according to James? The Tithe, Giving are they the same?